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BruinBuy Change Orders

Creating a Change Order

You may create a change order in BruinBuy when an approved purchase order (P.O.) needs to be changed. The P.O. must be open (Order Status Code "Y"), and changes may be created for the purpose of revising quantities, revising prices, revising Full Accounting Units (FAUs), ordering additional items or cancelling items. 

Note: You should not create change orders for BruinBuy Catalog orders. Should you have any questions regarding a BruinBuy Catalog order that is on Hold (H) or Incomplete (I) status, please contact the Strategic Sourcing Buyer for the vendor. See BruinBuy User Guide: Chapter 10 for information on how to create a change order.

The following items cannot be modified by using the Change Order option:

  • Purchase order number
  • Vendor control key (VCK)
  • Department code
  • Class of order 
  • Unit of measure
  • Line code

The reason for the change order must be included in email comments or as a comment line in BruinBuy. 

Cancelling an Order

In BruinBuy, an entire P.O. can be cancelled or the remaining unpaid portion of a P.O. can be cancelled (or released) by following these steps:

  1. Under the Order Processing section, go to the Create box, and select Change Order. The Order Summary/Change Order window will appear. 
  2. Select the radio button of the relevant P.O. number. 
  3. Click on the Cancel icon (red X) from the Actions bar and the Change Order dialog box will appear.  
  4. Enter the reason for the action and press the Submit button. This action will release the remainder of the encumbrance for the P.O.