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How to Resolve Invoice & Purchase Order Price Mismatches

Follow the instructions below when you see the hold reason code "PB" or the message "Invoice unit price is greater than the P.O. (purchase order) unit price" on the Hold & Incomplete (H & I) invoice status report in BruinBuy.

Determine the Order Type

First, determine whether the invoice is for a BruinBuy catalog order or a Special Request/Non-BruinBuy catalog order.

  • BruinBuy Catalog Orders consist of items that have been selected from the Blue & Gold or Grey sections of the BruinBuy catalog. The prices listed in the BruinBuy catalog orders must be honored, and any price mismatches must be credited by the vendor as established in the University's contract agreement with the vendor.
  • Special Request/Non-BruinBuy Catalog Orders are for items that are not listed in the Blue & Gold or Grey sections of the BruinBuy catalog. These orders are normally created in the Special Requests tab of BruinBuy. UCLA does not have a set price for these items, and a change order may be needed to resolve the unit price mismatch.


BruinBuy Catalog Order

Departments do not have to take any action for catalog orders. Accounts Payable (AP) will contact Campus Purchasing, request a corrected invoice or a credit memo, and process the payment when the vendor provides the corrected invoice or credit memo.

Obtaining the corrected invoice or credit memo may take some time. Please do not make a change order to the purchase order. We ask for your patience while the central units resolve the matter with the vendor.

Non-BruinBuy Catalog Order (Special Request)

This process assumes knowledge of BruinBuy. Please see the following sections of the BruinBuy User Guide if you need more information:

  • Chapter 15 for additional information on how to access the ORD screen and explanations of the information presented on these screens.
  • Chapter 10 for additional information on how to do a change order.
  1. Go to the ORD screen and compare the price on the P.O. with the price on the invoice.
  2. Do a change order so that the unit prices listed on the P.O. match the invoiced unit prices (see BruinBuy Change Orders in Related Information).
  3. Contact the AP representative who placed the invoice on "I" (incomplete) status, and indicate that the unit prices have been corrected. (See related article on How to Contact the Correct Accounts Payable Representative.)
  4. AP will review the change order and will issue payment once it has determined that the unit prices on the P.O. matches those on the invoice.