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Invoices on Hold or Incomplete

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


Hold (H) & and Incomplete (I) invoices are invoices that are currently unpaid. Once you have determined that an invoice has been placed on H or I status, you must identify the reason for the processing delay. See Invoices and Purchase Order Troubleshooting for a partial list of possible hold-reason codes along with links to the resolution for each.

Invoices on H (Hold) Status

H status refers to invoices that have been authorized for payment by Accounts Payable, but are unpaid for one of two reasons:

  1. The department has set a receiving lock which prevents funds from being released on an order until the department manually enters into the system the items that were received in a satisfactory state (the receiving process). Once the department documents receiving, the funds are released automatically, and the invoice is paid. Accounts Payable (AP) does not need to be contacted to release the payment. See BruinBuy User Guide Chapter 10 on Receiving.
  2. An invoice may also be placed on H status applies with an Electronic Data Interface (EDI) invoice for such vendors as OfficeMax and Fisher. H status is automatic when one of the following two scenarios occurs:

a. An invoice is created for a greater quantity than listed on the purchase order (PO). The system will automatically generate a mismatch queue with the greater quantity and place it on H status.

b. Two invoices are created on the same date, for the same PO, for the same item(s) and the PO only has enough quantity of item(s) to pay one invoice. The system will automatically process one of the invoices for payment and place it on P status (pending). The second invoice will also be processed, but it will be placed on H status.

The department will have to process a change order to increase the quantity of the mismatched item and contact Accounts Payable so the invoice can be reprocessed. See BruinBuy User Guide Chapter 13 on Change Orders.

Invoices on I (Incomplete) Status

I status refers to invoices that cannot be authorized for payment for various reasons, including the following:

  • The PO is closed
  • The PO has not been posted
  • The billing on the invoice does not match the billing on the PO
  • The quantity or price on the invoice cannot be matched with the PO's quantity or price
  • Only partial or insufficient documents were submitted for payment (such as missing pages or photocopies)