Trademark Licensing Code of Conduct

It is the responsibility of all UC employees and students ordering goods bearing UC’s name, logos or other UC-owned trademarks (including names of University departments) to use only authorized Licensees that have expressly agreed to adhere to the UC Trademark Licensing Code of Conduct. Please see the recently updated policy

ALERT: Email Scam Affecting Campus Purchasing

UCLA Purchasing wants to alert the campus community about an aggressive and organized email scam involving Purchase Orders (POs) among Higher Educational institutions.

The scam involves pretending to be UCLA (or another Higher Ed institute) and placing orders with legitimate-looking POs for deliveries sent to non-university addresses. Products are shipped to off-campus locations where a fake “purchasing manager” would pick up the product personally.

UC's Fair Wage - Fair Work Program

Attention: Contract* employees working at UC

UC’s “Fair Wage/Fair Work” program requires its contractors to pay UC’s minimum wage:

  • At least $13 per hour as of Oct. 1, 2015
  • At least $14 per hour as of Oct. 2, 2016
  • At least $15 per hour as of Oct. 1, 2017

*Outside contractors will be required to pay workers providing services to UC a wage equal at least to the UC minimum wage when a new contract is signed or an existing contract is renewed.

VWR Terminates Agreement for Lab Supplies

Effective January 16, 2006, VWR terminated its agreement to supply the UC system with laboratory supplies and small equipment within the negotiated contract guidelines. VWR supplies are still available through BruinBuy as a non-contract supplier, however their products may not be cost-effective and this company is no longer a UC preferred supplier.

OfficeMax Is New Vendor in BruinBuy

BruinBuy users who are accustomed to seeing the supplier name BCOP-webMethods, which represents Boise/Cascade, should look for the corporate name OfficeMax as a replacement starting October 17, 2005. UCLA established an agreement with OfficeMax, a Boise company, in August 2004 and added the company to the BruinBuy vendor list using the supplier name BCOP-webMethods. The upcoming name change to OfficeMax will not affect any of your settings or favorite items. When doing a search for office products within BruinBuy, enter “OfficeMax” as the supplier.

  • May 14, 2014