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ACTION REQUIRED: Legacy BruinBuy System Closure

Now that BruinBuy Plus has been live for more than 60 days, preparations are underway to permanently close the legacy BruinBuy system and reduce all access to “READ ONLY”.

What You Need to Know

Beginning Thursday, March 21, at 6:30 p.m., legacy BruinBuy will no longer support new activity. Users will still have read-only access to the system, including Purchase Order (PO) and invoice information.

Upon the permanent closure of legacy BruinBuy, POs that meet the migration criteria will migrate to BruinBuy Plus. POs that do not meet the migration criteria will be programmatically closed and the associated encumbrances released.

REMINDER: POs migrated to BruinBuy Plus will maintain the legacy BruinBuy PO number and change orders will not be permitted.

What You Need to Do 

To avoid vendor payment delays, the Ascend 2.0 Program team encourages you to take the following actions:

  • For POs that are not eligible to migrate to BruinBuy Plus, a new PO must be created in BruinBuy Plus.
    • Create a new BruinBuy Plus PO for the remaining value of the BruinBuy PO (BruinBuy original PO amount minus total value of invoices paid)
  • Communicate to vendors the new BruinBuy Plus PO number and direct vendors to Cancel/Void the legacy BruinBuy PO number to prevent duplication of goods or services to UCLA.
  • To further ensure POs are not duplicated, 1) insert a comment on the newly created BruinBuy Plus PO explaining it is replacing a legacy PO and 2) override the distribution so the PO isn’t resent to the vendor.

To determine which POs are not eligible to migrate to BruinBuy Plus, review the No PO Migration list (as of 2/13/24). This document is frequently updated, so check back often for the most up-to-date information.


  • For questions or issues related to BruinBuy Plus, visit the BruinBuy Plus Hub.
  • In the event the BruinBuy Plus hub is unable to answer your questions, contact for further assistance.