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Confirm Your Critical Vendors Are Registered

We recently asked for your help onboarding our active vendors who have yet to complete their registration in PaymentWorks, UCLA’s vendor management tool. Thanks to you, we invited over 5,000 existing vendors to PaymentWorks and more than 1,700 have completed their registration! 

Unregistered Critical Vendors

Although we've made great strides, many of our existing vendors still aren't registered. We need your help contacting the vendors who are critical for University operations. 

Is My Vendor Registered? 

It’s vital that all existing vendors are registered in PaymentWorks prior to the transition to our new Procurement system, BruinBuy Plus. Verify the registration status of your critical vendor(s) by reviewing the Critical Vendors NOT Registered in PaymentWorks list. 

If your vendor is listed, please send their vendor contact information to Ebony Newton to start the PaymentWorks registration process. 

Have questions?

Our Vendor Onboarding Team is happy to assist you. 

RESOURCE ALERT: Interested in seeing which vendors are now in PaymentWorks? It’s easier than ever with our brand-new roster! Check back weekly for the most up-to-date information.