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Vendor Contact Information Needed

On October 17, we asked for your help onboarding our active vendors who have yet to complete their registration in PaymentWorks, UCLA’s vendor management tool… and you didn’t disappoint!

Get Us to the Finish Line

We’ve received the email addresses for over 6,000 vendors, but we still have roughly 13,000 to go. If you haven’t already done so:

  1. Download the Vendor Contact Information template.
  2. Enter the contact information of your department’s current vendors (there’s no need to check if they’re already in PaymentWorks).
  3. Upload your completed template by the extended deadline of January 20, 2023.

Access Template

NOTE: This is only for existing vendors. If you have a new vendor, please follow the standard onboarding procedures.

Why is This Important?

Vendors who do not register in PaymentWorks will not be transitioned to the new Procurement system, BruinBuy Plus. Absence of vendors in BruinBuy Plus will delay issuance of future purchase orders and/or invoice payments until PaymentWorks registration takes place. Don’t leave our vendors behind as we transition to our new system – let’s provide them with UCLA’s excellent customer service!

Questions and Support

Interested in learning how we’re supporting vendors through this process? Review the original communication for details. Still have questions? Send our team a message at