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Buying & Selling Surplus Property

Campus departments can advertise their excess and surplus property (ESP) free of charge on the UCLA Dollar Saver site. Advertisements will appear for one month only, but can be renewed for another month with a written request.

Only equipment custodians or authorized personnel may place an ad in this publication. To advertise items for sale, fill out a Dollar Saver ad form and email it to To see items currently for sale, go to UCLA Dollar Saver.

All items are sold on a first-served basis and are subject to prior sale. All items are subject to tax unless the buyer presents a California resale license certificate.

For additional information about any of the items listed for sale, or to arrange for an inspection, please see the contact information in the Dollar Saver for each item.

For UCLA Selling Departments Only

  • All proceeds from the sale of surplus property should be deposited to account/fund 268310-68310. Note: sales tax must be deducted from the full amount and entered on the sales tax line in the Department Deposit Record form. Please see the UCLA Tax Services Website for current tax rates.
  • Every buyer (except UCLA departments) should pay sales tax unless an exception is received in writing from the ESP office.

For more information, call (310) 794-6060.

Sale Restrictions

No one employed in a department originating surplus items or a near relative of that employee may purchase items originating from that department – nor may employees of the Equipment Management department or a near relative of that employee purchase any surplus items. See Business & Finance Bulletin BUS-38. Any exceptions to this policy must be requested in writing and must receive prior written approval from the Property Administrator and the Exception to Policy Approver.