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Handling Fabrication of Inventorial Equipment

What to do How to do it 

1. Make sure the inventorial equipment is a fabrication.

  1. A fabrication, also called a "fab," is an item manufactured from component parts. When the completed item has a value of $5,000 or more, can stand alone and has a useful life of one year or more, it is considered to be inventorial equipment. You need to identify a project as a fabrication and use the proper object codes to capture the costs (see item 3 below).
  2. Fabrication costs are tracked during the fabrication process. The Managing Equipment department issues a property tag and creates a new EQM record for the fabrication during the fabrication process when costs reach $5,000.  Your department custodian of record will receive the property tags along with a document called a mailer, which contains purchasing information for the equipment.
  3. When purchasing component parts for the fabrication, you must include the fabrication number on the Fabrication Request form when using object codes 9600 (Fabrication Components and Supplies) or 9610 (Fabrication Costs Excluded from Overhead).
  4. You can obtain a fabrication number by contacting Managing Equipment.

2. Submit the Fabrication Request form.

  1. Complete the Fabrication Request form.
  2. Send it to Managing Equipment at the address below.
  3. Managing Equipment will assign a fabrication number and notify you.
  4. To cancel a fabrication number after you have received it, complete an Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) and route it to Managing Equipment at the address below.

3. Purchase the components of the fabrication.

  1. List the fabrication number on the purchase order when ordering component parts.
  2. Use object code 9600 or object code 9610.

4. Close out the fabrication.

  1. Complete the EIMR for fabrication and include a recap of all costs related to the fabrication.
  2. Send the EIMR to Managing Equipment at the address below.
  3. Managing Equipment will assign a new property number or modify the value of an existing property number and notify you, or you can find the number through the online Equipment Management System (EQM) database.