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Furniture Quotes

When you order furniture for your department, you may receive three types of quotes: budgetary, order-ready and revision. The following definitions explain each type of quote. 


Budgetary quotesProvide an estimate of the cost for furniture. You can use a budgetary quote to request funds, allocate existing funds or make decisions relating to the furniture purchase. These quotes don’t usually include detailed workspace planning, drawings or furniture choices. Furniture designers generally provide budgetary quotes at no charge, but you must ask specifically for this type of quote.
Order-ready quotesWhen you've established your budget guidelines and have chosen the types of furniture, finishes and fabrics you want, a designer will create an order-ready quote. This type of quote usually includes drawings and an itemized list of products to be purchased, including details on fabrics and finishes.
Revision quotesInclude major and minor revisions of an order-ready quote. Major revisions usually require the designer to produce new drawings. With contract suppliers, you may request up to two major revisions at no charge. Most furniture vendors charge additional design fees for more than two major revisions.