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How to Buy Desktop & Laptop Computers

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


UCLA has an agreement with KST Data for purchasing computer equipment and peripherals from major manufacturers of PCs, printers and monitors — including HP, Lenovo, NEC, Samsung and ViewSonic — at substantial discounts. Choose and configure your computer products, and build an online quote at the KST Data website. For placing purchase orders of Dell products, please email Lisa Velez or call (512) 513-9371.

Sweet Spot Bundle Discounts

KST Data has Sweet Spot bundles of specially configured desktop and laptop computers from various manufacturers that offer the campus even greater discounts.

Purchasers can add features and modify these preferred configurations as needed, without losing the Sweet Spot discounts. Select one of the following options:

Preconfigured Sweet Spot product from the KST Data BruinBuy online catalog.

Customized Sweet Spot product using the co-branded KST/manufacturer websites embedded within the KST Data site.

Non-Sweet Spot product from KST Data's online catalog (500,000 available choices).

All of these options include special support that has been arranged by KST for the University.

NOTE: Build your quotes only through the KST/UCLA co-branded sites. Do not build your quote directly through the manufacturer's site and then try to apply it to your KST purchase. Doing so will result in confusion regarding your discount, and will create the need for manufacturer approval and rebuilding of the quote.

Placing an Order

Follow the steps listed below. A KST Data account team can assist with all pre-sale, purchasing and post-sale matters.

Under the California Electronic Waste Recycling Act, purchasers must pay a surcharge when buying a new computer monitor to help cover recycling and disposal costs. See Related Information for details on ordering options.

Task Steps
1. Access the UCLA catalog.

Visit the KST Data website and select one of the Personalized Online Catalogs for UCLA from the drop-down list. Listings for institutional and personal use are provided.

2. Sign in.

Enter “ucla” for the user name and “bruins” for the password. Note that the user name and password are case-sensitive and must be lowercase.

3. Place the order.

Order your product using one of the ordering options listed above.

4. Contact the KST team.

Contact the KST/UCLA Team if you need additional information. Click on KST Contacts for contact information by function.

The KST Service Commitments link provides information on the customer service teams set up for UCLA. 

To order a Sweet Spot Product:

Task Steps
1. Select the product category.

Click on a product category in the KST Data catalog for UCLA.

You'll see manufacturers' Sweet Spot offers, with models names and specifications.

2. Select the manufacturer.

Click on the Manufacturer Specification link. Scroll down the page to view additional options for each Sweet Spot.

Specifications for the Sweet Spot product appear. Price quotes are usually included.

3. Place the order.

Fax an A-class purchase order release to KST Data at (213) 382-8493, using Strategic Sourcing Agreement #0000KCB015.

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To customize a Sweet Spot Product:

Task Steps
1. Access the KST partner websites.

Click the KST/Manufacturer Websites & Info link at the bottom of the KST Data catalog page.

A list of partnering product websites appears. Additional links provide information relevant to the vendor.

2. Select the manufacturer.

Click the link for the desired manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s website appears. Each site provides information on the order process and contact information for UCLA support.

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To order a non-Sweet Spot Product:

Task Steps
1. Select the product category.

Click one of the four hyperlinks at the very top of the screen near the search box.

The links are Brand/Manufacturer, Category, Description and Bundle.

2. Run the search.

For Brand/Manufacturer or Description, run a search using the drop-down list of brands provided or enter all or part of a SKU number, if known. 

  • You can also select by product category such as Storage Devices, Input Devices, etc.
  • A hyperlinked list appears. When you click on the description, the complete, full-text description appears.

For Category or Bundle, click on the appropriate hyperlink.

3. View the information.

Click on the hyperlinked SKU number to display the Item Grouping screen. 

4. Select the item.

Select one of the radio buttons to add the item to your order:

  • Add item – no group
  • Add item to a new group named ______
5. Get a quote.

Click on the Continue button.

A quote appears. You can save, cancel, print or email this quote.

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