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Radioactive Materials

All researchers who purchase or handle radioactive materials must contact Radiation Safety for safe handling guidelines and authorization. It is essential to be aware of safe storage and disposal requirements. Refer to the Radiation Safety Manual from Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) for a detailed description of UCLA's radiation safety program and for updates.

Task Steps
1.  Obtain authorization.

UCLA uses radioactive materials under a broad scope radioactive material license issued by the California Department of Public Health. Requirements under this license require that you possess a Radiation Use Authorization (RUA) from the UCLA Radiation Safety Committee and the Office of Environment, Health & Safety (EH&S) to procure and possess radioactive materials. Purchase of radioactive material or radiation-producing equipment must be approved by the EH&S Radiation Safety Division, in accordance with federal and state regulations and guides for use.

Obtain an RUA from EH&S for the Principal Investigator (PI). To do so, complete the Non-Human Use Authorization Application for radioactive materials on SafetyNet.

2.  Select a vendor.  Contact Radiation Safety for a list of radioactive materials vendors.

You can use vendors who are not on the list; however, all radioactive material suppliers must be approved by the Radiation Safety Division prior to working with them. To obtain approval for vendors not on the list, you must contact the Radiation Safety Officer at EH&S. The Radiation Safety Officer can provide you with requirements new vendors of radioactive materials must meet. Radiation Safety will also provide new vendors with copies of California radiation material licenses used by the University.
3.  Place an order.

1.  Create an R-class requisition in BruinBuy.
All orders should include full details, including volume requirements. For N and R class orders, include:

  • The unit of measure (mCi, uL etc.)
  • The chemical form
  • Isotope activity Catalog or part number assigned by the vendor or manufacturer

2. Provide the following “ship to” address to the vendor:

UCLA Radiation Safety, c/o Medical Receiving
650 Charles E. Young Drive South, CHS A6-060C
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1764

Attn: {Principal Investigator}, RUA#__________

Note: Principal Investigator must be the name on the RUA. Products cannot be delivered to any other site without prior approval and inspection by Radiation Safety. Delivery sites must meet safety requirements for radioactive materials use.

4.  Obtain EH&S approval. Once you have obtained an RUA, you are approved to possess radioactive material as listed on your RUA. All orders must be delivered to the Central Services Office of the Radiation Safety Division (unless specifically exempted by the Radiation Safety Committee). The Radiation Safety Division must perform a radiation exposure and contamination survey of the package within 3 business hours of receipt of the package.
5.  Receive the shipment. The Radiation Safety Division will notify you when the package survey is complete and ready for pickup. Lab members must follow the proper package receipt and opening procedures listed on the Radiation Safety Manual.