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Request a Purchase Order

Requests can be entered into BruinBuy to create an R-class order. You may use BruinBuy for orders in excess of $5,000. Please see the BruinBuy User Guide for detailed instructions.

Certain products and services require special handling and must be ordered by requisition regardless of value, unless special permission is received by the designated campus administrative unit officers (for list, see UCLA Policy 740, Attachment A). They include purchases of firearms, explosives, narcotics and radioactive materials. A UCLA professional buyer's signature is required on all contracts and licenses, including service and maintenance not covered by established agreements.

Submit all documentation that is to accompany an online requisition with the corresponding online requisition number written on it by mail or fax.

After you submit a purchase requisition, Campus Purchasing will check the funds, negotiate or competitively bid pricing and establish the terms and conditions of your order. The purchase order can cover a single transaction or multiple transactions or releases.