Using Order Class Codes

  1. Log in to BruinBuy and create a new requisition.  See the BruinBuy User Guide for information on setting up user profile defaults.

    Enter the following required information for Special Requests (codes A, D, J, M, N, Q, R, T, X, Y, Z).  Always check BruinBuy to validate that the product number is not in the catalog before placing a Special Request order.

    Department code
    Order class
    Department contact login
    Requestor’s phone number
    Department contact phone number

    Note that all order-class codes except V can be entered into BruinBuy.

    For R class orders (Requisition for Purchase Order), you may leave the vendor field blank.  In this case, Campus Purchasing will locate a vendor for you.
  2. Place the order through BruinBuy. Those with order-class codes R or J will be submitted to Campus Purchasing.  See the BruinBuy User Guide if you need information on the details of placing requisitions.   Note:
    • Once the order is successfully submitted and processed by Campus Purchasing, your queue will provide the purchase order (PO) number.  The BruinBuy User Guide explains how to run a search for existing POs.
    • Some order-class codes (such as M, A, and N) provide a prefilled PO fax page containing order information that you can send directly to the vendor by using the fax icon in BruinBuy.
    • In some cases (such as order classes D and N), you should fax a copy of the order to the vendor. These faxed orders contain terms and conditions that protect the University from liability.
  3. Once you have posted the order, BruinBuy validates your security access, verifies Full Accounting Unit (FAU) balances for sufficient funds and verifies your email address.  If no errors are found, the order posts.
  4. If the order is submitted to Campus Purchasing, a buyer from Campus Purchasing will receive the order and issue the purchase order.