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Moving Services

UCLA provides moving services for campus offices and departments, household goods and labs.

  • Household goods moves involve reimbursement of expenses for eligible faculty and staff. Note that not all expenses for household moves are reimbursable. These moves have varying procedures, depending on the cost of the move. Also, they are paid for in a different way from other types of moves at UCLA.
  • Moves on campus have varying procedures, depending on the estimated value of the move. The cost determines how the move is paid for and who makes the arrangements.
  • Laboratory moves require special procedures to ensure that the lab is properly cleaned out to avoid exposure to hazardous materials. Cleanouts are handled by the Environment, Health & Safety Department

Note: most campus-related moves are performed by outside vendors. However, UCLA Mail, Document & Distribution Services (MDDS) has a moving service, as well. Contact MDDS for information and an estimate.