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Renting Vehicles, Buses & Shuttles

UCLA offers two options for vehicle rental: daily or hourly. Generally, it is more cost-effective to use Zipcar, the hourly rental program, for trips under three hours and to rent vehicles on a daily basis for longer trips. Other options for shorter trips include taxis, car services, bus charters and shuttles. The best option will depend on the type of vehicle you need and your time requirements. Campus Purchasing does not arrange taxi or car services but can assist you in vendor selection and payment.

On-Campus Vehicle Rental Services (BruinCar)

UCLA Fleet's pool of vehicles available for daily rental can supplement your departmental fleet or meet your occasional daily transportation needs. Available vehicles include: sedans, compacts, alternative fueled vehicles, hybrids, specialty trucks, pick-up trucks, cargo vans, flatbed trucks and low-speed vehicles (GEM). Vehicles for daily rental may also be useful for emergency situations. BruinCar is available for University business use only and is paid through departmental recharge.

Hourly Vehicle Rental (Zipcar)

Zipcar is a car-sharing service designed to provide very short-term, inexpensive transportation. It is most useful when you need to make a quick off-campus trip and is designed for personal use. It's the easiest way for students to rent a car on campus.

You can use a personal credit card or corporate card (such as the GE Travel card) to pay for a Zipcar. There's a one-time membership fee. Gas and insurance are included in the hourly and daily rates. A Zipcar reservation comes with 180 miles per day included. 

To reserve a vehicle through Zipcar, visit the company's website to register and receive a PIN code. You will receive a Zipcard, which locks and unlocks the doors of your reserved Zipcar using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology, and maintains your billing information. Once you activate your Zipcard, you can reserve Zipcars online, by phone or by using your mobile device. After you've returned your vehicle, Zipcar will send you a billing statement that itemizes the amount charged to your card.

Task Steps
1. Obtain approval. If you will be paying with departmental funds, obtain the necessary approvals for reimbursement. If you will be reimbursed through departmental recharge, provide your recharge ID number.

Faculty, staff and students may use personal or corporate credit cards to reserve vehicles. If you will be renting through Zipcar, you can use your Pcard as well to reserve and pay for the car if you will be using it for University business. However, you must use a credit card to reserve the car.
2. Contact the appropriate department.

Contact one of the following departments based on your vehicle requirements:

Daily Rental Program

UCLA Fleet; submit an online Vehicle Service Request form (VSR) or contact Fleet and Transit Services.

Hourly Rental


Car rental for travel

UC Travel Center

Bus Charter/Shuttle Services*

Transit Operations (except for transport of K-12 students)**

Car Service, chauffeurs

UCLA Travel Services has discounted rates for car services

City bus

Campus Purchasing can provide tokens for special programs (such as student orientation). Also, you can use the BruinCard to obtain discount fares. The BruinGo Flash Pass can be used for the Santa Monica Big Blue Bus and Culver City Bus. The Go Metro pass provides discounted prices for Los Angeles buses, trains, and subways.

Taxi service

Campus Purchasing (maintains a courtesy list of vendors and can establish blanket agreements for payment using a voucher system)

*Generally, bus charter services accommodate around 64 passengers; shuttles can seat 20. When determining requirements for buses and shuttles, consider the need for bathroom equipment, whether you will need luxury or coach seating, and handicap requirements. Transit Operations accepts payment for bus and charter services on a recharge basis.

**Long-term bus service is also available for various programs as well as K-12 transportation. Contact Campus Purchasing to create an agreement with the vendor.

Please note that you may not use an N- or V-class order (BruinBuy) to pay for bus charter or shuttle services; liability issues apply and must be handled through Campus Purchasing. You can submit a J- or R-class requisition, however. Campus Purchasing maintains the vendors’ certificates of insurance, which must be current for University use. BUS 63 provides more information on insurance requirements.

3. Your order is processed.

UCLA Fleet or Campus Purchasing will make the arrangements based on your requirements. Arrangements include all required insurance. 

4. Receive the vehicle. If you have rented a vehicle through UCLA Fleet, pick it up at the location identified on their website. If you have rented through Zipcar, you must receive the vehicle at the Zipcar location provided by the company. Zipcar has locations on the UCLA campus.
5. Return the vehicle. Return the vehicle to the location at which you received it. Obtain a receipt indicating final charges.
6. Make payment. You will be billed by mail according to the payment card you have used.