Tips for On-Campus Moves

General Moving Information

  • Each person to be moved is responsible for packing his/her own work area at least one day prior to the move.
  • Make sure that each person has a copy of the office moving instructions (if available) from the mover.
  • Cubicles average five cartons and ten labels per office. Private offices average ten cartons and twenty labels.
  • Take home any personal or valuable items. Do not move them with UCLA items.


Labeling Instructions

  • If an item does not have a move label on it, the movers will assume you do not want to move it and will leave it behind.
  • If a moving label does not have a destination location written on it, the movers will place the item into the lost-and-found area.


Computers & Electronics

  • Your staff or IT department must disconnect and reconnect all electronics, including computers, printers and fax machines. The movers are not responsible for doing this.
  • Label all components of computers and electronics (monitor, CPR, keyboard, etc.) individually.
  • Copier machines must be serviced by the vendor prior to the move. Service includes removing the toner cartridge and disassembling the collator and paper feeder.
  • Place all computer cables, mice and keyboards in zip-lock bags provided by the mover, and label the bag.
  • Your vendors should service and move vending machines such as water dispensers and plant service.


Storage Cabinets & Desks

  • Pack the contents of storage cabinets, bookcases, desks and credenzas; the furniture will most likely be tipped on end during the move.
  • You may leave vertical files full but must separately pack the contents of all drawers above the bottom two drawers on lateral files.


Mover Restrictions

  • The mover can remove artwork and wallboards, but your staff should hang them up in the new location.
  • The movers cannot move hazardous, flammable and combustible items.