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Invoice Processing by Accounts Payable

Generally, vendors send invoices directly to Accounts Payable (AP). Once an invoice has been submitted, AP takes the following actions:

  1. Matches the invoice with an open, posted purchase order (PO). Quantity, price and part number are used as matching criteria.
  2. Reviews supporting documentation. If applicable, AP reviews supporting documentation to verify that the order complies with University guidelines.
  3. Place invoices that cannot be paid on "I" (incomplete) status. If an invoice cannot be authorized for payment due to discrepancies, mismatches, incomplete documentation, etc., it is placed on "I" status.
    • The AP representative sends a queue message to the departmental preparer to notify them of the problem and to request assistance in resolving the hold. The departmental preparer can view and reply to the queue message in BruinBuy.
    • Invoices remain on “I” status, until the preparer or department notifies the AP representative that the issues have been resolved.
    • The AP representative will process the invoice for payment after receiving instructions from the preparer or department that all issues have been resolved.
    • If a vendor contacts AP regarding an invoice on “I” status, the vendor is instructed to contact the preparer or department to resolve the issue.

The Service Standard provides further information on invoice processing time frames and procedures for submitting invoices (see Related Information).