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Invoice & Purchase Order Troubleshooting

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


In general, a hold-reason code is used when there is:

  • A mismatch between the invoice and the order.
  • Missing documentation.
  • An issue with policy compliance.

You may see the following hold-reason codes on your Hold & Incomplete (H & I) invoice status report in BruinBuy. The table below provides the most common hold-reason codes to facilitate resolution. (A full list of all hold-reason codes can be found linked below and in Related Information.)


Hold-Reason Code

Hold-Reason Description

Resolution for the Hold
(Select item below)


Invoice unit price is greater than the PO (purchase order) unit price.

How to Resolve Invoice & Purchase Order Price Mismatches


Lines on invoice do not match PO.

How to Resolve Invoice & Purchase Order Line Mismatches


Not a valid PO; Does not exist in our system.

How to Resolve Invalid Purchase Order Numbers


PO is closed.

How to Review a Closed Purchase Order


PO is created for another vendor.

How to Resolve Incorrect Vendor Names on Purchase Orders

Miscellaneous Hold-Reason Codes

Many other hold-reason codes exist aside from those listed above. To resolve a mismatch that is not referenced above, please consult the H & I Hold-Reason Codes