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Common Procurement Card (Pcard) Purchases

You can use your Pcard to obtain a wide range of products for your department. The card may be used like a low-value order (LVO) or petty cash to purchase items or services that are not available through BruinBuy or strategic sourcing.


The following are examples of low-value order items and select services that can be purchased with the Pcard:

  • Amazon purchases through the dedicated Amazon Business Account
  • Certification fees
  • Conferences:
    • In person conference fees, if the conference is located within 50 miles of UCLA
    • Online domestic registration fees
  • Domestic advertisements
  • Domestic job postings
  • Domestic one time online course
  • Domestic online webinars
  • Domestic Professional license renewal
  • Professional subscriptions (such as LA Business Journal)
  • Sympathy flowers or appreciation gifts following the G-41/G-42 policies