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Procurement Card (Pcard) User Responsibilities

If you have received approval from your department for a Procurement Card (Pcard), you must use the card responsibly.


Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Purchasing items for UCLA business use only.
  • Never lending or sharing your Pcard. Although the University pays the bill, the card is your personal responsibility and is not to be lent to others in your department.
  • Purchasing only allowable goods and services, not restricted items. See Related Information for more on restricted items.
  • Keeping all purchases within program guidelines and limits set by your department.
  • Returning the Pcard when you are reassigned or terminated or upon department request.


Know Your Funding Sources

  • In addition to avoiding violations of Pcard policy, cardholders should understand the terms and conditions of their department funding sources. If you are uncertain about your fund source restrictions, contact your department administrator or fund manager.
  • The Pcard cannot be used to purchase goods or services that are not allowable under the terms of state or federal funds.