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Invoice Resolution

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


Below are resources to help departments resolve their invoice issues.

Article Description
BruinBuy Change Orders


  • Describes when a change order is needed and shows how to process one.
  • Provides links to the BruinBuy User Guide for step-by-step instructions on processing change orders.
How to Stop Payment & Cancel Checks
  • The vendor has not received their check yet and it has been more than two weeks since the check has been issued. What do I do next?
  • A check was created with the wrong vendor address. How do I resend a check to another address?
How to Reduce Payment Delays to Vendors & Employees
  • Tips on common issues that cause delays in payment to vendors or reimbursements to employees.
  • Suggests proactive steps that purchase order (PO) preparers can take to prevent delays.
Invoice & Purchase Order Troubleshooting
  • Common hold-reason codes for Hold & Incomplete (H & I) reports and how to resolve them: 
    • PB: Invoice unit price is greater than the PO unit price.
    • PG: Lines on invoice do not match PO.
    • PX: Not a valid PO; PO does not exist in our system.
    • PE: PO is closed.
    • PF: PO is created for another vendor.
  • All H & I Hold-Reason Codes: Complete list of hold-reason codes.
  • What can I submit for reimbursement?
  • How do I submit a reimbursement request?
  • What type of documentation do I need?
  • What policies regulate reimbursement procedures?
Releasing Encumbrances & Memo Liens
  • How do I release an encumbrance when a PO has been paid in full, but the P.O. still shows a balance on the encumbrance?
  • What does it mean to zero out a PO?