Vendor Registration FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is PaymentWorks used for one-time payees and reimbursements? 
  • One-time payees and reimbursements have separate processes. To learn more:
    •  Review our One-Time Payee page
    •  Access our Reimbursement Request: Guidelines and Procedures document
  • Is PaymentWorks just for onboarding new vendors?
  • No, PaymentWorks is also for existing vendors. You should invite an existing vendor if they want to make a change to their current information or need to be reactivated. 

    Change Examples:

    •  New insurance certificate
    •  Updated remittance address
    •  Modified banking information
  • Is PaymentWorks a secure method of collecting vendor information (e.g., PII, banking details, etc.)? 
  • Yes, PaymentWorks is secure and should be used to collect vendor information, including PII and banking details. 
  • Is there a fee for the vendor to register in PaymentWorks?
  • There is no cost to the vendor to use PaymentWorks. 

  • Can I register on behalf of the vendor? 
  • No, you cannot register or update information in PaymentWorks on behalf of the vendor. Additionally, you are only able to see whether a vendor has registered – you cannot view any of the details the vendor submitted to the system. 



  • After I initiate the invitation to the vendor, what happens next?
  • You can log into PaymentWorks and track the progress of the vendor onboarding. Check out our Tracking Onboarding training materials for additional information!
  • Can the vendor start their registration, “save and exit,” and then log into PaymentWorks later to complete their registration?
  • Yes, the vendor can start their registration, save their progress, and then exit. The vendor cannot submit their registration until all required information is provided. 
  • How long will it take to set up a vendor using PaymentWorks? 
  • The entire process typically takes two to four weeks. 
  • Can I see what the vendors see when they register in PaymentWorks?
  • Yes! Check out the Preview My Organization's Registration Form article for instructions.

    Our U.S. Company and Foreign Individual PaymentWorks demos also provide insight into the vendor registration experience.  

  • What if my vendor cannot register via PaymentWorks?
  • We understand that PaymentWorks may not be appropriate for every vendor. If you think your vendor qualifies for exception processing, follow our request process.


Troubleshooting & Help

  • How does the vendor enter their International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in PaymentWorks?
  • The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in PaymentWorks article outlines how to enter this information. 
  • The vendor is not a U.S. citizen, but they are a Permanent Resident. What should they select for Country of Citizenship?
  • Because this information is used for tax purposes, please have the vendor select United States.
  • My vendor is receiving the error SSN Already in Use. What should they do?
  • Please share the SSN Already in Use article with the vendor. This will walk them through the next steps.
  • Can I cancel an invitation to a vendor?
  • Our Vendor Registration Training page outlines what to do if a vendor invitation is no longer needed.