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Vendor Registration FAQs

Effective January 2, 2024, UCLA transitioned to its new procure-to-pay system, BruinBuy Plus. This web page is actively being updated; however, it still references the legacy BruinBuy system and processes. Review the BruinBuy Plus hub for additional information and resources. 


One-time payees and reimbursements have separate processes. To learn more:
•  Review our One-Time Payee page
•  Access our Reimbursement Request: Guidelines and Procedures document

No, PaymentWorks is also for existing vendors. You should invite an existing vendor if they want to make a change to their current information or need to be reactivated. 

Change Examples:

•  New insurance certificate
•  Updated remittance address
•  Modified banking information
Yes, PaymentWorks is secure and should be used to collect vendor information, including PII and banking details. 

There is no cost to the vendor to use PaymentWorks. 

No, you cannot register or update information in PaymentWorks on behalf of the vendor. Additionally, you are only able to see whether a vendor has registered – you cannot view any of the details the vendor submitted to the system. 


You can log into PaymentWorks and track the progress of the vendor onboarding. Check out our Tracking Onboarding training materials for additional information!

Yes, the vendor can start their registration, save their progress, and then exit. The vendor cannot submit their registration until all required information is provided. 
The entire process typically takes two to four weeks. 

Yes! Check out the Preview My Organization's Registration Form article for instructions.

Our U.S. Company and Foreign Individual PaymentWorks demos also provide insight into the vendor registration experience.  

Troubleshooting & Help

The International Bank Account Number (IBAN) in PaymentWorks article outlines how to enter this information. 
Because this information is used for tax purposes, please have the vendor select United States.
Please share the SSN Already in Use article with the vendor. This will walk them through the next steps.

Our Vendor Registration Training page outlines what to do if a vendor invitation is no longer needed.